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SAFR Social Media

Software Used: Adobe Illustrator + Indesign
Usage: Digital

Vector graphics for Seattle Area Feline Rescue's Car donation program.

The design combines the brand’s identity colors with fun illustrations to drive traffic on their Instagram and Facebook accounts.

SGA Infographics

Software Used: Adobe Illustrator + Indesign
Usage: Digital

Infographics for the Seattle Gymnastic Academy.

These infographics utilize clean vector graphics and illustrations. The goal was to make a bright and fun interface that is easy to follow at first glance. Made for facebook, instagram, and emails.


NGA Washington State Logo

Software Used: Adobe Illustrator
Usage: Print

2022 Washington State Gymnastic Championships logo, created for the National Gymnastics Association.

This logo was designed to appeal to early teen competitors by using a clean illustrated graphic to represent Washington. The black background gives it a sleek and mature look. This logo was utilized on leotards, banners, and more.


MewBlood Comic Books

Software Used: Clip Studio + Indesign
Usage: Print

Layout, typesetting and illustration work for a variety of self published comic books that are distributed by Emerald City Comics Distro and Mewblood throughout the west coast at bookstores and comic conventions. 

SAFR Postcards

Software Used: Clip Studio +
Adobe Illustrator + Indesign
Usage: Print

Cards for donors of Seattle Area Feline Rescue.

The idea was to make something enjoyable that donors will hold onto. I wanted them to see photos of the actual rescued cats they are helping, plus fun and cute illustrations to spice things up.

SGA Van Wrap

Software Used: Adobe Illustrator
Usage: Print

Van wrap decals for Seattle Gymnastic Academy.

I used the brand's colors, solid shapes, and bursts to convey the movement and energy of gymnastics. I avoided looking too 'kiddy,' since the company covers a range of ages and levels. The logos on both sides and the website address on the back are easily readable, even on the road.

SGA Social Media

Software Used: Indesign + Photoshop
Usage: Web

Social media advertisements for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The goal was to make a bright eye-catching ad to garner interest for potential coaches communicating the company's energy with colors and slanted text but maintaining a balance with elements and type to show it's professional environment. 


Star League Leotards

Software Used: Illustrator
Usage: Print

Text goes here

Leotard Designs for Seattle Gymnastics Academy.

These designs for the competitive Star League distinguish gymnasts from level one to three. They were made using SGA's colors that represent learning, competition, and team events, along with stars on the back showing the gymnast’s level. The rhinestone burst on the front adds a fun flare to the design.


MewBlood Stickers

Software Used: Clip Studio + Indesign
Usage: Print

Designing, illustrating and sending stickers to print for my Patreon Sticker Club. Remaining stickers are packaged and sold in sets of two and sold at art galleries and online. 

My Impact App

Software Used: Figma
Usage: IOS Application

My Impact app UI Redesign.

The goal was to make the interface fit the organization’s branding guidelines better, while making its design cleaner and more prominent.

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